Did you ever think of enhancing the look of your existing water feature by constructing waterfalls as part of your landscape? Why not? Research shows that waterfalls constructed indoors or outdoors, have always been a favorite water feature by homeowners and business owners as well in enhancing their landscape design or other water features like a pond or a fountain. Adding a waterfall in your landscape will surely bring many benefits.

Benefits of Waterfalls

  1. Aesthetic Appeal – This is the number one benefit most waterfalls give. Beauty, as they say may be dependent on the eye of the beholder but with waterfalls – regardless of who the beholder is, there's no doubt, waterfalls surely adds beauty to your existing landscape.

  2. Sound Therapy – This is how majority of our clients use their waterfalls. Studies reveal that music and sounds of nature such as the waves of the ocean and the gushing of the wind brings peace and tranquility to one's mind. It creates peace and relaxation thereby promoting sound mind, body and soul. Chinese culture is specially drawn to this kind of therapy.

  3. Health – Studies show that water helps in purifying the air around you. Water releases negative ions that help eliminate dust, allergens and fumes. It also increases humidity levels thereby giving the surrounding air a cool and refreshing environment. The same holds true with having a waterfall. It is worthy to note though that you should ensure that your waterfalls and your other water features must be built with good filtration. Thus, it is important that a reliable and expert in the field of waterfall construction is hired.

Choosing the Right Waterfall Contractor

There are some considerations when hiring people who will handle your waterfalls construction. The track record, skills, expertise and service are some of the things that you should look from a contractor. California residents should not worry because Picture Perfect Custom Pool and Spa meets these basic requirements. We are a licensed contractor. Our decade experience in building custom pools and other water features is our assurance that we are a reliable company.

A beautiful waterfall can only be created if the people working on it are skilled and creative. It is a work of art. Our team knows where every stone must be placed, the best color and textures to choose, the best location, and the possible combination with other water features such as ponds and fountains.

Picture Perfect Custom Pool and Spa specializes in outdoor living spaces for the last 20 years. We are experts in the field of water feature, which includes waterfalls, pools, spas and hot tubs. We customize designs that would suit our clients' requirements and only use quality materials and state of the art equipment to perform the tasks assigned to us. Backed up with highly skilled personnel, our company boasts of clients in the areas of Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, Ontario, Riverside and Corona. But because our clients clamor for more, we also service the areas of Chino, Colton, Pomona, Covina, Redlands and Glendora.

Call us up for free estimates and don't let your hard earned money be put into waste. Let us create a stunning waterfall perfect for your California home.